10 Tips on Finding the Best PHP Web Development Company

Finding the best PHP web developer company to hire can be a difficult task. There are many companies out there that offer this service, but of course some companies will be much more suitable for working with you. Finding which PHP development companies are right for you can be difficult so here are 10 tips for finding the right one!

Company reputation

You should always look for a reputable company who has great reviews and has been in business for several years. Maintaining an excellent reputation isn't easy and when you come across a PHP development company who has maintained an excellent reputation for years, it speaks volume about the quality of their work and service.

Make sure their website is well designed and easy to navigate

If you are hiring a PHP web development company then the first place to look for issues is their own website. An excellent company should practice what they preach and their own website should be well designed, easy to navigate and overall a good experience.

If the experience of their own website is not up to standard then that should be a red flag towards trust them to develop your future website.

View their portfolio of past work

If their own website passes your checks, be sure to check out their portfolio to see some work they have done for their other clients. Ensure that the standard of work is maintained but also be mindful if a lot of their builds look similar as they may just be using templates.

References & Reviews

If possible, try and get some references from any past clients to give you more information about their experience working with the company. If you are unable to do so, at a minimum you should be taking a look at public reviews and ensuring that most of the feedback is positive rather than negative.

Find a local company

Be wary of companies based overseas as they often have lower rates because their time zone is different from yours. If a problem arises or if you have an urgent request you may not be able to get this resolved as quickly as a company who is based locally in Australia such as Qubisoft.

Support staff

You should also ensure the company you engage with has technical support staff who you can get in contact quickly. Not all companies are able to offer 24/7 support but if you're after quick turn-arounds for any issues or new developments you will need to find a PHP development company who can offer that level of support you need.

Industry experience

Make sure the web development company has experience in your industry or similar. This means they are familiar with your audience and will be able to jump straight into the project and even provide you with some extra insights as to what works for your audience.

Custom images and graphics

These days a lot of content provided by development companies come from stock image sites such as Shutterstock. If displaying your own unique images and content is important to you then you may need to ensure you find a PHP development company who also offers creative services. This means they can help provide unique imagery and custom graphics for your site when needed.

Don't be afraid to ask questions

There should never be any kind of trade secrets or withholding information from you as the client. You should feel comfortable and confident with the company you are working with as they will likely be managing your website for years to come.

Other services

It's natural for web developers to try and sell their other services to you such as manging your domain, hosting and marketing services. Although it's great to know that these are readily available, I find it's best to stay away from those who are too pushy on other services.